A bit about me

I went to Cornell when I was 38. Bachelor's in Animal Science. I've been a school bus driver, pharmaceutical rep, pharmacy tech, firefighter/EMT, horse trainer, boarding stable owner, and secretary. I also garden, can, quilt, etc.

Transportation, Manufacturing, Equine, Animal Science:

Regular Contributor in the Transportation Industry

Transportation Industry Writer
School Bus Pupil Transportation

I've written about alternative fuel, student tracking apps and other transportation technology, including telematics. I've covered the driver shortage, seatbelt laws/issues, and many other aspects of student transportation, including how to plan for disasters. 


B2B OEM Copywriter Debbie Curtis Freelance Writer

I've created brochures for manufacturers, and covered topics such as the re-bond foam industry, new issues in seating, the latest in bus washing equipment, wheelchair securements, 3-point harnesses improving student behavior, etc. 

Equine Journalism

Palomino Hill Writing Services has Palominos!

As a lifelong rider (yes, I had the fringed shirt and red cowboy hat as a toddler - my outfits have improved, but I love horses just as much), I am always pitching articles to horse publications. I'm a regular contributor to: Instride Edition, including the PHBA magazine section, Northeast Equestrian Life, and my work has appeared in Sidelines.

From Book Learnin' to Practical Experience:

Cornell University


I have a Bachelor's in Animal Science from Cornell University. I also worked in Equine Research and in the Vet School Pharmacy as a Technician during college. I graduated when I was 42.....and still had kids and horses at home. YEP - I'm a hard worker!

Animal Health Writer

Debbie Curtis Animal Health Writer

I'm always looking for more clients in the Animal Health Industry. Here is an article I wrote for Banixx on Pigeon Fever.




I've also been a volunteer firefighter/EMT, a Novartis Pharmaceutical Rep, and worked 4-years as a pharmacy technician at Cornell Vet School.. With my background in Animal Science, and hands-on experience, I can be your healthcare writer, too!

Horse Crazy-Farm Girl-Gardener

I'm a Farm Girl at Heart

Homegrown eggs are the best!

I grow most of my food.

Strawberries galore, all from my garden. Jam and biscuits, or homemade bread. Yum!

Quilting is for Winter Fun

This is my first quilt. There are many more since then.

Horses, Dogs, and Cats, Oh My!

I grew up on a Shetland Pony farm, Trigger and Mr. Ed were on T.V. Good times!

 Dogs are just GOOD.