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E-Books Rock as Lead Magnets


Let's work on your lead generation process by getting a 2-3K e-book on your site. Give your sales team some leads! Give your prooects information that they will appreciate - and would pay for elsewhere. Be their go-to source for problem solving.



I wrote the text for this brochure, working with one of my graphic artist associates. It was for a car wash manufacturer who wanted to expand into the school bus industry. 

   Brochures aren't out-of-date for trade shows, etc.

E-Books For All!

E-Books for all

Every Industry can use an E-book to gather e-mails, and build good will giving prospects valuable information that they'd probably pay to have. Position yourself as their friendly expert that will solve their problems!

This isn't an infographic, but....


Freelance writers do need information to get started on your project. That's where the creative brief comes in handy.  If we're working together, I'll send you a Creative Brief form to get the ball rolling. 

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Have a new product? Do you need to spread the word? Package deals are available that include Press Releases, direct response mail, e-mail series, etc. 

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 Third-party validation for visitors to read. Have them linger on your site, or offer case studies as a free download/lead magnet. They are truly versatile and offer a lot of bang for your marketing buck