Perfect Candidate. Who is This?

The resume remains one of the main primary means of communication between the candidate and the company. A candidate is faced with a difficult task: with its help, win the employer’s attention, stand out and generate interest. And before HR managers of companies – to correctly assess the candidate and his experience, the relevance of the position and the need to move to the next stage of the funnel (telephone interview).

And if, in an ideal view of the world, applicants draw up high-quality and well-developed resumes that immediately give an idea of ​​them as a person and an employee, then real life makes its own adjustments.

Today’s realities provide us with a lot of opportunities to captivate a potential employer. For example, creating a work profile, which should also be well designed so that the HR manager will catch on from the first minute of viewing. In this way, 66% of surveyed employers admitted that they look through the applicant’s social media accounts, because such a page can tell a lot about the candidate. And only a third of recruiters do not look at social networks, but are content with one resume. Undoubtedly, your social media page is only yours. But it is not known which employer you will fall on. To play it safe and create a good impression with the recruiter, look at your page through their eyes. We are not all writers, but there are a lot of services that are ready to provide services for the professional filling of work profiles, such as LinkedIn profile writing service reviews that will help you to take a look at your work profile from the employer’s side; will create a unique and successful account that will stand out from the rest. Service will help you to choose the best option for obtaining the desired position in the world of huge competition.

finding a job

Difficulties in finding a job have always been: this problem is chronic, as well as the employer’s desire to quickly find a qualified and suitable employee. Why these vectors rarely coincide is a philosophical question. Of course, if you are a seasoned programmer, work will be found quickly. But, since not everyone wants (and cannot) work in the field of programming, let’s think about how to look for a job effectively, and what you should be ready for.

Market Trends

The crisis has changed the requirements of employers, and for some, the approach to recruiting. Often employers, who previously formalized the work of their employees with job descriptions, regulations on divisions and other documents, are now moving on to selection based on the values or personal characteristics of future employees, since they are unable to keep up with the changes. And then in vacancies there appear a description of corporate values and wishes for candidates – what they should be.

So, which employees are the most in demand? What qualities do you need to possess to be considered a successful candidate? We analysed vacancies and selected the five most common definitions.

Successful Person

It is important for the candidate to have a successful experience (for example, any completed project). Points in the eyes of the employer are added by the presence of such experience in a field close to his professional activity. Successful candidates are more productive than losers. They are not afraid of failures, but perceive them as lessons and an opportunity to find new approaches or paths. Second, having a successful track record in any field shows that an employee can seek and find successful strategies for getting the job done and be as efficient as possible in the workplace. And, of course, employers do not like to take risks: if you have successful experience in a similar field, then there are much fewer options for unsuccessful passing of the probationary period. Accordingly, there are also risks for the employer – personnel replacement is now costly and time-consuming.

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Approach for Teamwork

There are people who prefer to work outside the team: they are more organized, have an idea of ​​their time management and know how to cope with deadlines. They are calm and more disciplined when they are alone with themselves. Most of them prefer to work remotely and nowadays this is a reasonable factor. However, most employers prefer people who are more open to dialogue and find it much easier to work with than introverts. Employers see them as enthusiasts who get along well with each other. But often, a quarrel can break out between two ambitious people due to clashes of opinions. They are sociable, have benevolent qualities, are happy to share experiences with others and are able to adequately assess themselves, and have an open mind towards others. Especially if there is an introvert in their team.

High Self-Organization

In an era of change, not every leader has the time and energy to control the activities of his subordinates. Therefore, responsibility, independence and self-organization are welcome. It is much more pleasant for an employer to see a professional who knows how to organize successful work on his site and turns to the management only to replenish resources or solve problems that go beyond his competence than just a qualified specialist.

Having analysed all these points, we came to the conclusion that there is nothing wrong with them. Moreover, most of us meet these definitions in one way or another. And only in our power to bring these qualities to the level required by the future employer – and get the coveted job.